Sunday, November 15, 2009

You’ve got to start somewhere

Thoughts on the design process for developing educational software.

Starting out one has an image of the user, an educational model for the learning, (which may or may not be enunciated) and an idea for the content, that is what is to be learnt.


We build by analogy, using what we have encountered before either as a model to be improved upon, or as an example of that which should be avoided.

It may be usefull to identify a number of exemplars of good and bad practice.


Most software development is iterative so we should think about the space within which our software/website will evolve.

What limitations are defined by our initial choices as to what and how to build?

We should think about what inputs will drive that iteration and what will shape its course.

Student feedback/Validation are good shaping factors, organic growth is probably not the best model for expansion.

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