Saturday, December 5, 2009

Feynman, models and e-Learning texts

I’m reading “interactions in online education” by Charles Juwah, and so far it’s very good. However I am reminded of Richard Feynman’s account in “Surely you are joking” (online here) of how he listened to mathematicians in discussion. He said he always kept an example, like an orange, of whatever they were talking about in his head and when they were stretching it or subdividing it or whatever he would do the same with the orange. There’s a lot more to Feynman’s orange than we need to go into here, however I find it useful to keep a specific learning object in mind when I’m reading a text like this. So for instance when they say that two way communication is essential for learning to take place, my learning object is a book…
I’m still waiting for Aristotle to get back to me.

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