Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Too many Wrappers

I'm checking out the online maths modules in the Blackboard VLE in DIT. I've just clicked on a module on integration, and I get to read the module about three lines at a time. Why? Well the first piece of wraping paper is my browser, Firefox. There is a top line with the page tittle, then a row of drop down menus, then the address bar, then the tab bar.
Next were in the VLE, Blackboard. Here many more menu's and buttons are used to wrap up a document viewer, which looks suspiciously like an adobe product in its look and feel. This also has menus, a little preview copy of the page in miniture on the left and more buttons. Finaly, in the lower right hand side of the page we get to the document on learning maths, which apears to be just a static text document.
This takes up, literaly 1/4 of the total page space.

I supose my point here is that my screen space on a laptop is limited, and on a mobile device it is even tighter. Most curent VLE's just dont know when its polite to get out of the way.

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