Thursday, November 4, 2010

Eharmony (tm) for professional relationships.

At this point a survey of online users in 16 countries has indicated that 30% had used online services to initiate dating activity. This is in some sense a tipping point in the social sphere where we have tools such as Facebook which are used to support weak tie relationships.
As of yet there does not seem to be a professional equivalent that I’m aware of. Is this just me or is there a genuine gap?  As I see it at this point we are still, professionally, going to events on the internet where we think people like us will hang out in the hope of meeting some one interesting. (Note I’m still within the social activity analogy here) Do we need a professional version of e-Harmony? If so what should our profile’s look like? Should they be like our C.V, which primarily shows off our accomplishments, or should they be more inspirational and forward looking, like the dating agency profile that cheerfully lists some-one who has just given up smoking as a non-smoker, because that is the person they aspire to be.

So two questions here
1)      Do we need a “dating agency” for academic and learning interactions?
2)      What information should be in the profile?

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