Saturday, February 4, 2012

An online course with a good pedigree CS101

Last fall, I did an free online course in AI last autumn with Professor Sebastion Thrun of Stanford.
The course was very good, and about 22,000 student completed it.
Professor Thrun has now joined a new startup company, Udacity, who are offering two courses to start out. One involves learning how to program a robotic car (Proffesor Thrun was part of the team who won $2,000000 for building aan autonomous, self driving car.)  and the second is about building a search engine.
I think either of these course would be a great project for a TY student, or would be great for someone looking to increse or brush up their computer knowlege.
I have enrolled in the build a search engine course, which aims to teach complete beginners computer programing in seven weeks.

I'm doing so to brush up my programming skills, posibly learn a new language and to learn about programming to interface to the web.

I'm passing this information on as I fell it may be of interest to other members of the teaching comunity.

The web site is here:
and I would invite you to at least view the introductory video, which includes a recomendation by one of the founders of Google.

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